I challenge the status quo of the attitudes, causes, and effects of depression on leadership, leading me to help leaders and their teams to achieve mental wellness. - John Panigas

John Panigas

I am a father, son, partner and grandfather. I have led our family owned businesses to achieve well over $100 million in annual revenue in industries such as design, construction, manufacturing, and marketing. As a leadership coach and peer group leader I work with clients across a wide variety of industry sectors.

I have achieved this success while battling crippling depression. On the outside, I come across as a highly motivated, driven, and confident entrepreneur. On the inside, I fight a daily battle with hopelessness, desperation, and fear.

In late 2018 I decided he’d had enough of his sad, frustrating, and inauthentic life and embarked on a successful journey of self-discovery and healing. One of the results of my work was the book titled, Crazy, Who Me? I believe the stigma of weakness that surrounds depression is the furthest thing from the truth. The “dual” life leaders with depression experience requires a great deal of courage, resilience, and sadly, a severe lack of self-regard. The results of my research astounded me, forty-nine percent (49%) of leaders claimed to have experienced some form of mental illness in their lives, compared to twenty percent (20%) of the general population. Thirty percent (30%) claim to suffer from depression, compared to under seven percent (6.7%) of the population.

I have decided to take work to a new level providing workshops titled, What is Depression Costing You and Your Business? (presented both online and in person). and an inhouse programs developed with The Mental Wellness Formula that result in a positive culture of mental wellness for leaders, their teams, and organizations. The ROI is impressive.

My passions are my family, that includes my four grandchildren – Mason, Gia, Liam, and Jack , and to travel the globe with my partner Roxie; together, we have travelled to over 20 countries and counting.

What is the Cost of Depression to You and Your Business?

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