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Develop A Culture Of Mental Wellness

The online program - What is the Cost of Depression to You and Your Business? is designed to empower business leaders in achieving personal and organizational mental wellness, resulting in a compelling competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Why a Culture of Mental Wellness?
Mental wellness starts at the top of the org. chart. I have developed an online program to help business leaders achieve personal and organizational mental wellness, resulting in a powerful competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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What Does A Culture Of Mental Wellness Look Like?
Enhance your clarity and transparency by becoming a more authentic leader.
Reverse the costly negative effects mental illness has on team productivity.
Build employee engagement and reduce the substantial cost of turnover.
Increase transparency and resilience within the team, thus increasing innovation.
How It Works
Online Program
Watch the videos and follow the expert advice from anywhere in the world at any time to achieve personal & organizational mental wellness.
Proven Plan
Success is not a stroke of luck. Follow proven and actionable strategies to become a mentally healthy leader who leads a mentally healthy organization.
Expert Support
Your mentor will be available to answer your questions and provide you with any support that you may need throughout the entire process.
"The Cost of Depression calculator opened my eyes..."
John’s depth of knowledge and courage to share heartbreaking stories left me better prepared as a leader to detect potential mental health issues, personally and with my team. The Cost of Depression calculator opened my eyes to the financial impact mental illness can have on my business and the ROI of addressing the mental wellness of our team.
- John Walls, CEO, Pennsylvania
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This program is created exclusively for leaders and business owners looking to unlock the benefits of mental wellness in the workplace and use it as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This course is critical for leaders who struggle with mental illness and those who are mentally healthy, as both leaders realize the status quo of mental wellness in organizations must be challenged to compete in the future.

Who Is It For?


Why Does It Exist?

Mental illness, specifically depression caries a stigma of weakness. The truth is a mentally healthy leader leads a mentally healthy organization. This course is for leaders that realize there is a competitive advantage to a mentally healthy organization.
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The Future Requires New Tools
Currently, 30% of employment comes from the Millennial and GenZ generations. By 2025 these cohorts will comprise 75% of your employees. The majority will not consider employment from an organization that does not practice mental wellness.
"He will not disappoint..."
"John spoke to my group of CEOs last week and did an incredible job presenting a very difficult topic. He taught us how to detect depression in employees and maybe even in ourselves. John presents in a very straightforward, engaging, and humorous manner. Consider taking John’s course; he will not disappoint."
- Mary Hosmer, VISTAGE Chair - Wisconsin
Leading Expertise At Your Fingertips
My name is John, an executive coach, mental wellness consultant and founder of, a consultancy firm that specializes in helping business leaders achieve personal and organizational mental wellness.

During my career, I have helped hundreds of leaders to reach their business and personal goals. Most leaders don’t have programs or ways to improve their personal and organizational mental wellness. Mental wellness affects every aspect of business performance. As a result, a significant number of leaders never unlock their full leadership and organizational potential.

I have experienced life-long Major Depressive Disorder, 35 years of which while leading my organizations. After neglecting my mental health and realizing traditional methods of overcoming this disease weren’t working for me, I educated myself. I have created proven, actionable strategies and tools that teach leaders how to become psychologically resilient, more authentic and to develop a culture of mental wellness, both internally and within their businesses. My program gives leaders world-leading expertise at their fingertips to achieve their business goals and become a leader who nurtures and develops talent in an environment of positive mental health.

My passion and purpose are to challenge the status quo of the causes and effects depression has on leaders and their teams.
John Panigas
"His messages are essential in these turbulent times..."
“John presented the workshop to my two CEO groups. His knowledge, tools, and best practices are essential in these turbulent times. John’s presentation had a very positive impact on the leaders, supporting our TEC Canada goal to help leaders to get better.”
- Marc Blais TEC Canada Chair, Montreal
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