What is Depression Costing You and Your Business?


Crazy, Who Me? is a journey of entrepreneurial leadership while struggling with major depressive disorder; the causes and effects, successes and failures, and how I finally found the faith I never thought I had. This is my story good, bad, and ugly.

Relating to mental illness requires empathy, not sympathy. The road to empathy is dependent on education. Within the book’s pages you’ll also find short and concise lessons to better understand depression and other mental illnesses. After reading the book, you may feel you could be suffering from depression and take the courageous step of seeking help from a mental health professional. Alternatively, if you sense a team member, friend, or family member is struggling you may be more empathetic and help them navigate their complicated lives.


Michael Zeidenberg
President Cornerstone Management and Consulting

John shares with the reader the challenges and pain he experienced leading a high performance organization while living with crippling depression. The uniqueness of this marvelously written book is John’s ability to share his life story while educating the reader with regards to depression.

Jack Muscat
PhD Clinical Psychologist

This is a noteworthy book written by a remarkable man who has succeeded against all odds to build a $100 million family business. He did it while fighting lifelong depression. But you’d never know it by meeting him. He presents a cheerful attitude, confident energy and an entrepreneurial swagger that dares you to challenge him. This is not a depressing book, but a book about a man who found his way from a very dark place. It resonates with love hope and optimism – and his choice to get better.

Mike Shriqui
President Co-Pak Packaging Corp

John Panigas takes us on a fascinating journey of a true entrepreneur that lives life to the fullest and yet suffers deeply. His honest, humorous, and engaging story is a page turner and a must read. Intertwining business issues with mental health challenges, John gives us a suburb account of life’s difficulties without losing his inherent optimism for life.


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