An IT Integrator with a team of 40 has experienced significant turnover. The company employs the team both in-office and WFH, locally and internationally. Several critical team members have left on their own accord adding to the stressful environment in the workplace. During exit interviews, these former employees indicated they experienced high-stress levels in the workplace; one claimed he is now experiencing depression.

As a TEC Canada (Canada’s preeminent executive peer group organization member, the organization’s leader attended the workshop titled Empathy – The Leader’s SuperPower and later requested a 30-minute mental wellness consultation, during several conversations, the Leader admitted to struggling with major depressive disorder and realized his behaviors could be part of the problem, John Panigas presented the Cost of Depression Calculator©, a tool that uncovers the business’s potential economic cost of anxiety and depression, the tool indicated the organization was leaving significant dollars and the table, adding the effect of lost opportunity revenue to the total revealed a significant economic impact mental illness had on the business.

The Leader engaged John to present the workshop, What is The Cost of Depression to You and the business? for senior leadership, and What is The Cost of Depression to You and Your Team? for the team (Note: This workshop is now titled The Unspoken Impact of Mental Illness to the Bottom Line.)

During the workshops, it became evident the team was thirsting for information on mental illness and mental wellness; several attendees claimed, for the first time, they struggled with mental illness, primarily anxiety and depression. The conversations were animated and deeply personal. There appeared to be a sense of relief from the attendees that we had these open and frank discussions. Attendees rated the workshops with a combined 96% satisfaction rating, claiming they appreciated the tools, assessments, and best practices, particularly the empathetic conversation tool.

Current and long-term results.


Immediately, the team remarked that the workshops were appreciated and demonstrated that leadership realized there was a problem; this was the start of a commitment to creating a culture of mental wellness in the workplace.


The quality of team member and leadership conversations has improved, and discussion(s) on mental illness is steadily becoming normalized. There is significantly less fear of disclosing issues concerning mental illness.


The organization set up a web portal (one of the Eight Mental Wellness Playbook© “plays “) for mental wellness information. The portal experienced significant initial traffic that has held up over time.


The tool for empathetic conversations is applied consistently throughout the organization.


The organization has experienced several terminations and resignations of team members that could not get on board with the culture shift, thus creating new opportunities from within and for the influx of new team members that appreciate and expect a culture of mental wellness.

What attendees had to say

Caroline Heureux
HR and Company Culture, Solutions Metrix

John, in presenting to our organization, allowed us to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness. Relating his personal experiences allowed all our employees to be open and honest with each other regarding their individual struggles. He helped us realize how important openness and honesty is, for a team to thrive and succeed, especially as it relates to mental health. John claims there is an ROI on mental wellness in an organization and his workshops brought us closer as an organization and reminded everyone to lead with empathy.

Thomas Stewart
CEO, Montreal Canada

Mental wellness in organizations will be critical for success in the near and long-term future. I found John’s story and perspectives on mental wellness critical as I move forward leading my team. We are experiencing a different atmosphere due to the workshops he delivered to the entire team. He doesn’t pull punches and challenges assumptions about mental illness and offers assessments and solutions we have utilized to great success. I recommend John wholeheartedly to those looking for help and realize mental wellness will be critical to survive and thrive in the new business normal. He helped me to understand mental wellness does start at the top of the org chart.


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