Why should I choose you, John ?

As difficult as leadership is in itself, layering depression on to it brings additional challenges. I’ve overcome depression myself, as a result I have a strong empathy in assisting leaders to live more effective, prosperous, and authentic lives. As a entrepreneurial business owner for more than 35 years, I bring a unique perspective to coaching as I’ve been in the trenches of ownership.

The job of a leadership coach is not to provide the answers. It is to encourage and guide you, the leader, to make better and impactful decisions. I am able to coach across all functional areas of the business with a strong focus on the leader’s influence on culture, strategic and financial planning, and most critical, mental wellness.

My success, both personally and professionally, has been a direct result of working with my leadership coaches and peer groups.

Describe your main motivation for being a leadership coach ?

My primary motivation as a coach is utilizing my personal experiences to coach and guide leaders to lead competently and with authenticity. Today, leaders that are working on their own mental wellness, and by extension on the team, will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Elaborate on the types of situations, challenges or decisions, do you feel you could add the most value to as a coach?

Growth – A leader who does not constantly re-educate and reinvent both themselves and their organizations will not have long-term success. The value I provide as a coach is the experience of first managing and then learning to lead effectively, with a coach. In my entrepreneurial life I have led several organizations. The largest and most complicated grew revenue forty percent (40%) year over year. Letting growth control your life can lead serious consequences. Managing growth is the key to a positive life/work balance.

Employee Retention – I believe for a business to be successful one of the primary focuses must be on attracting and retaining excellent motivated people. If an organization is employee focused, delivering an excellent customer service experience, though still challenging, is simplified. The key is create a culture of mental wellness, resulting in improved productivity, employee satisfaction and retention.

Strategic Planning – My experience with coaching clients includes strategic and tactical planning, and positioning organizations for sale and acquisition.

Personal Issues – I have coached clients dealing with divorce and the implications on the business, partnership challenges, family business issues, and bankruptcy – both personal and business.

Do you see any disruptive trends on the horizon for leaders in today’s business environment?

In the current business environment a focus on the mental wellness of the leader and organization is critical for success. Currently, The Millennial and Gen Z cohorts comprose forty-five percent (45%) of employment. By 2025 that number will be seventy-five percent (75%). These folks demand a voice at the table and their personal mental wellness is top of mind.

In today’s fast moving world the leader must have clarity, focus and a strong drive to succeed, tempered with an empathetic style of communication.

The stigma(s) of depression on leadership is holding leaders back. This leads to inauthentic behavior and living sad and frustrating lives. Thirty percent (30%) of today’s leaders are struggling with depression and suicide, as a result of mental illness is a growing trend in society in general, and business leaders are not immune.

Today’s leader must be open and honest about this critical issue. An effective leader is healthy both physically and mentally. The new generation of leaders are more focused in this area realizing that positive mental health is critical for success. The essential benefit I bring to the coaching relationship is that I’ve been the leader struggling with depression, I’ve challenged the condition, and have overcome it. I can help you to regain your authenticity.

client testimonials

I endorse John as key to growth and innovation in my law firm. He challenges me in ways no one else does in my life, helping me to realize what is important and where my focus must be.

Joel Kissack – Kissack Law

It is a pleasure to work with John. Although he frequently asks the tough questions which takes me out of my comfort zone, he has opened my eyes to many new possibilities.

Joe Gilinsky -Financial Planning

John is deeply passionate about my business and makes it his personal goal to help me achieve my goals. His out-of-the-box thinking and “no BS” approach drives value in my business and keeps me on my toes.

Marcus Gillam – Construction

Panigas has the ability to help me see the glaringly obvious!

Jeremy Greven – SaaS

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