Leaders realize that the positive mental health of team members is essential to thrive in today’s business environment. The pandemic has taught us that our team has and is still struggling. Proof – thirty percent (30%) of turnover can be attributed to mental illness issues. The business community is experiencing the “great resignation.” Absenteeism due to mental illness now surpasses time off due to physical illness. Presenteeism due to mental illness is increasingly becoming an expensive concern.

Leaders emphasizing mental wellbeing will experience greater employee engagement, increased productivity, and retention and attraction, ultimately leading to a more robust bottom line.


Our comprehensive program includes the following components. The program can be purchased in whole or in part.


The Mental Wellness Survey  is administered to determine the current level of mental wellness, communication, and how senior leadership and management care for the team.


The Cost of Anxiety and Depression Calculator© is a springboard to create awareness and a baseline of the economic cost of depression and anxiety to the business and to determine the anticipated ROI.


The Mental Wellness Playbook © activities and best practices are set in motion with the internal mental wellness team.


Workshops, The Unspoken Impact of Mental Health on the Bottom Line©


Coaching and Guidance

Fees depend on the size of the senior, management, and organizational teams. Please leave us a note on the contact us page for a quote and more information.

500,000 Canadians miss work one day a week due to mental illness. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Depression costs employers more than any other health condition. American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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