Dr. Reinaldo Diniz

Dr. Diniz is a psychiatrist based in Portamao, Portugal. His practice is global as he treats patients via Zoom.


Debbie Papadakis

Debbie is a world-renown hypnotherapist. Debbie’s practice is multi-faceted and is effective with all sorts of mental illness issues and addictions.


Rahim Jiwa

As a cognitive specialist and hypnotherapist, Rahim has had tremendous success with clients with chronic pain. He utilizes similar therapies to deal with mental illness issues.

Hiring a Therapist

When searching for therapists in your area, you have three potential sources for referrals. First, your family doctor will have a shortlist of therapists for referrals. Second, family, friends, and colleagues are excellent sources for referrals. Finally, a simple Google search will likely uncover numerous therapists in your area. This process should be no different than hiring a member of your team. Be prepared with a list of questions for your first appointment.

When identifying potential therapists, follow up with a search for patient reviews. When reading the reviews, look for your issues in the testimonials. I have vetted the following review and referral websites

Online Therapy

As a result of the COVID pandemic, online therapy has become a go-to resource for relief. Bear in mind that except for, the therapists on the other three sites are not psychiatrists or psychologists and thus are less expensive; look for Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (CBT). All sites have reviews of the therapists associated with the site. When reading the reviews, look for your issues in the testimonials.

Headspace is the leader in offering online therapy benefits for organizations of all sizes.


Podcasts are a significant source of information for many mental health issues. Steadily increasing in numbers, there are excellent podcasts dealing with mental illness, specifically depression. Most relate stories and provide eyewitness accounts of the feelings and experiences of those struggling with depression. For those that struggle in silence, podcasts are an excellent way to feel that you are not alone. A comprehensive in-house mental wellness program should include promoting the advantages of listening to podcasts.

The following are podcasts that I believe are worth your while to consider subscribing to personally and to include in organizational webpages and portals.


The following are well-reviewed books on mental illness. Many of these books were utilized for research for the book: Crazy, Who Me?  and the workshop, The Unspoken Impact of Mental Illness on the Bottom Line

An Unquiet Mind

Kay Redfield

An extraordinary deep dive into the mind of a manic depressive. With a happy ending.

Blue Dreams

Lauren Slater

The story of Slater’s lifelong struggle with antidepressants and the history of the development of mental illness medication.

The Power of NOW

Eckhart Tolle

Tolle explains why living in the present is the only way to live effectively. Ruminating about the past and fantasizing about the future, typical behavior of the depressed, are a waste of time. It can, at times, be a challenging read.


Baptist De Pape

De Pape interviews authors, spiritual healers, and thought leaders in the medical community on the power of the heart in our decision-making process.

Fierce Conversations

Susan Scott

Ms. Scott says, “the conversation is the relationship.” Terrific book on having honest, passionate, and trusting conversations, well suited for those struggling with communicating about the struggle.

Wired to Care

Dev Patnaik

A study of empathy strategically with respect to customer relationships.

Anatomy of an Epidemic

Robert Whitaker

Whitaker traces the development of mental health medications and the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the field of psychiatry.

You Are the PLACEBO

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe explores a world where we can train our brains to heal ourselves.

Mental Health Advocacy

The following online resources have been curated to explain and deal with mental illness in simple, straightforward, and non-clinical language—excellent resources to populate your organization’s mental wellness webpage or portal.

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