Based on his book, Crazy, Who Me? – My Journey Overcoming Leadership Depression John relates his story in keynotes that takes the audience into the life of a functionally depressed leader. The anecdotes are accurate and, at times, raw in nature. Sprinkled with humor, he entertains, informs, and enlightens the audience with a story that has a happy ending. Packages can include hardcover, softcover, or electronic books for attendees.


Unique interactive workshops provide attendees with actionable strategies and tactics to develop a culture of mental wellness.


1. The Unspoken Impact of Mental Illness on the Bottom Line© is for leaders and the senior team. This workshop has been presented to leadership peer groups and companies. The content provides assessments and strategic and tactical best practices. Included in the workshop is The Cost of Anxiety and Depression Calculator©, a tool that measures the cost of mental illness in each attendee’s organization. The Mental Wellness Playbook© features eight (8) activities and best practices that are low cost and high impact, designed to develop a culture of mental wellness. This workshop is presented in person or online in 2-3 hour presentations for leaders and the senior and management teams.

This workshop is for.


The Unspoken Impact of Mental Illness on the Team© is for non-leadership or management team members – the ground troops. The content focuses on identifying the causes and signs of stress, anxiety, and depression on the team. It helps to uncover facts, myths, and ironies of mental illness and assessments for personal awareness. Finally, the workshop presents strategies and tactics to overcome personal struggles with mental illness. This training is offered in person or online in a 2-hour presentation.


Empathy – The Leaders Super Power© is for leaders and the senior leadership and management teams. This workshop results from attendees asking for a deeper dive into the empathy discussion found in the previous workshops. The presentation provides breakout opportunities and assessments to help attendees explore how to effectively practice empathy with team members and vendors and presented as a powerful tool for customer relationships, providing an impressive ROI on Empathy.

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Mike Johnson
CEO, Milwaukee.

First, I want to say a deep and heartfelt THANK YOU for the great session today. I have been in Vistage for several years, and your presentation was one of the best I’ve experienced yet.

Thomas Kinkade
CEO, Montreal.

Addressing mental health in organizations will be critical for success in the near and long-term future. As a leader struggling with depression, I found John’s story and perspectives on mental wellness critical as I move forward leading my team. We are experiencing a different atmosphere due to the workshops he delivered to the entire team. He doesn’t pull punches and challenges assumptions about mental illness, and offers assessments and solutions we have utilized to great success. I recommend John wholeheartedly to those looking for help and realize mental wellness will be critical to survive and thrive in the new business normal. He helped me to understand mental wellness does start at the top of the org chart.

Claudia Williams
Vistage Chair, Pennsylvania.

John’s program is very timely and important. I have not held any 3-hour virtual speaker programs since the onset of the pandemic. This one is worthy of the full three hours. My CE members said the time flew by. They left with actionable takeaways that they could begin to implement immediately in their workplaces to reduce the stigma of mental health challenges and make it known to their employees that they care about meeting both their physical and mental health needs at work. They also learned how to better recognize the signs of depression, anxiety, and stress on themselves and others. They were very grateful for this program, as was I.

Marc Blais
TEC Canada Chair, Montreal.

John presented the workshop Empathy – The Leader’s Super Power to my two CEO groups this week. His messages are essential in these turbulent times. His positive impact on the members made me proud to be a Chair as our goal is to help leaders to get better.

John Walls
CEO, Pennsylvania.

John’s depth of knowledge and courage to share heartbreaking stories left me better prepared as a leader to detect potential mental health issues, personally and with my team. The Cost of Depression calculator opened my eyes to the financial impact mental illness can have on my business and the ROI of addressing the mental wellness of our team.


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